How I Visualized a Lottery Win – 5 steps to visualizing your dreams

visualize the future

Do you want to know how i won the lottery? Well, luck is an important factor, but there is something else. It is called visualization.

With the power of visualization, you can achieve great things. It is important that you can visualize a dream or desire as clear as possible. With visualization you pull
your dreams until they become reality.

One of the most important things is that you visualize possible and achievable dreams.

This is so you can also visualize a possible way to get to it.

The Law of Attraction states that the more you want (or don’t want), something the closer you are this something.

For example, when I won the lottery I was in pretty rough spot.

Because of this, I had to change. I needed the money, so how i visualized a lottery win changed with me.

And a few months later, to my surprise, I won the lottery.

But how do you visualize a dream correctly then? Well, I have some tips that will help you with this.

Powerful goal visualization

5 Ways to visualize your dreams


  1. Be detailed with your dream


When you first start visualizing your dream, it is important that you identify every characteristic of it. It is best to identify every single detail. The clearer your dream, the more you will attract it.

Don’t leave anything to luck.

For example, if you want to win the lottery, think of the exact amount of money you want and from which lottery you want to win it.


  1. Only focus a specific dream


While you think of the different aspects of your dream, many other things may pop in your mind.

Extra aspects will deform the way you see your dream. The more you want something NOT no happen, there are more chances it will happen.

Focus on what you want and ignore all the things that may affect your dream.


  1. Don’t think on the “How?”


visualize and attain dreamsDon’t over-think the “How?”. This will only make you lose focus on your dream. This is because there is an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to the it.

The dream may come to you in the most unexpected ways.

Think in the “What?”, this has to be your main goal at all times.

It is better to think on what will happen after you complete the dream.

If you want to win the lottery, think about what you will buy with the money. This will help you to have a clearer picture on it.


  1. Live like you would want to live


It is easy to imagine yourself accomplishing that desired dream. It is good to fantasize about your dream.

This way you are reminded on what your dream was.

For example, your dream is to live in a big house in the best location possible. Then search for the best places to live and imagine yourself there.

Thinking you already have something you want helps you get a better picture on what you want.


  1. Don’t overthink your dream


This step is hard for most people. Do not spend more time than it is needed thinking on it.

The more you think you want something, the more you remind yourself you don’t actually have it.

You will discourage yourself, and you might lose sight of your dream in the process. If it is bound to happen, just let it happen. Don’t force it, since it is not healthy for you or your dream.


How I Used this Formula

Apply this process to your dream of winning the lottery and you will get results.

Be patient, as it will not happen just as you wish for it. This is why it is called visualization, so you have a vision of in the long run. You can also listen to some good music while you visualize.

If you want more information on this read my post a reason i call my website barefoot jobs. Have a look at it and find out for yourself.

Guided Visualization

How I Won the Lottery with the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

I am an avid reader and believe in my own mind’s power. In 2009, I decided that I wanted to win $200 million. I followed the advice of the author Joseph Murphy. This is how i visualized a lottery win. First I wrote the amount “$200 million” again and again.

I reflected on the lottery figure and envisioned what my life would resemble in the wake of winning.

I additionally recorded everything in detail, from the 5 things to buy after a lottery win and best places to live to the foundations I would donate to and create a website and I even imagined myself creating a website.

I frequently evaluated and concentrated on my list.

Visualization Equals Actualization

Visualization played a huge role in my lottery win. Though I did also try out different lottery systems from sites that claim to be able to teach you how to win the lottery.

Following four months of picturing a lottery win including what I would do after winning, I won the jackpot in March 2009. The sum I won was  precisely what I had imagined but not disclosing here. Suffice it to say, it was a lot!

I believe the way to my huge win was that I made a composed plan and visualized what my reality would resemble on the off chance that I had already won.

Neville Goddard
Neville Goddard

Law of Attraction Teachers

I took the advice with respect to writer Joseph Murphy, who stated to live in the visualization of your wishes and desires, and your thought including feeling will soon manifest.

That is a basic principle of the famous Law of Attraction: to feel the feeling as you have already attained. Neville Goddard said all that needed to be said about the law of attraction.

He said that we must assume the feeling as if the wish had already fulfilled until the point when your presumption has all the vividness of reality.

You should envision that you are now experiencing what you want. That is, you should assume the sentiment of fulfillment of your want until one is possessed by it.

Then this feeling swarms every other thought out of your awareness. Here is the list of the things I wrote down I would buy if I won the lottery.

How One Woman Used the Law of Attraction to Win

My List

Below is a list of the things I planned to buy with my lottery win. I believe that visualizing myself with these things as well as visualizing the lotto win itself helped me to attract that win.

Although this list helped me achieve my goal I did not buy all of them when I won. I changed my mind and completely changed my lifestyle about a year after my win which I explain in this post.

A Doomsday bunker

What’s the meaning of cash if I am not alive to use it?

I wanted to buy this nuclear blast-proof palace underneath a limestone mountain in Germany which incorporates a screening room, swimming pool, and wine cellar; in addition to access to a hospital, restaurant area, zoo, and hair salon.

It costs $2 million. After my win I realized I could use that type of money for better things.

A swimming pool that has waterfalls

waterfall swimming poolI always liked to swim and having a lavishing swimming pool in my house was a desire from my childhood.

I envisioned myself to this swimming pool that has a waterfall complex, lazy river, and scuba pool including full kitchen and spa.

It costs around $2 million.

I had plans to build one of these in the home that I bought after my win but soon realized that why should I settle for a swimming pool when you can have an ocean?! Lucky Sue agreed with me and we both moved to Harbour Island.

Emergency room

This was another silly one.

Since I envisioned lots of adventures, I thought I would buy an emergency room for myself so that when I hurt my leg skydiving or jumping off my backyard waterfalls I won’t have to wait for hours in line at the hospital.

I forgot that I would also need to throw in a few million dollars for attentive staff.


Most expensive office chair

our floating bedI have 2 expensive office chairs now although they cost substantially less than the one I originally visualized.

I may not have to ever work again but I am devoted to working.

So I thought about buying this most costly office chair in the world that is designed by the Maserati designers and is made by the fabric utilized by Olympic athletes. Also, the chair comes with”synchronized oscillation” to make sure “reduced posture fatigue.”

The price is $1.5 million.

Floating bed

This bed valued at $1.3 million has a pair of super-strong magnets that allow the “air mattress” to float in midair. I always wanted to have a floating bed.

Sue and me settled for one that cost only $10,000 instead of this one.

Visualization Technique for Winning the Lottery

5 Things to Buy After a Lottery Win

top buying list

They say the odds of winning the lottery are very slim, but when it actually happens to you, it’s like all of your wildest dreams came true! Winning the lottery was life-changing for me.

I’ve already covered 5 things you should buy as part of my 5 best places to live post if you are lucky enough to come into some cash but since then I’ve changed my mind a little. Here’s my updated list of top 5 things to buy after a lottery win!

1. A Mansion

mansion and carsThe first thing any new millionaire decides to do typically is splurge on a new crib. When I say “splurge,” I mean splurge — what better asset to invest in than your home?

After a lottery win, there is no excuse not to pull out all the stops on your brand new home.

Have you always wanted a pool? Go for it! Why stop there?

Go ahead and install a waterslide and a jacuzzi. You want a personal tennis court and horse stable?

You got it! After winning the lottery, your dream home is only a stone’s throw away.

I bought a big house and fancy cars when I won before I realized that I wanted to downscale and have a more relaxed life on the beach.

2. A New Car

After you win the lottery, you will want to cruise in style.

Your Honda Civic just won’t cut it anymore. I personally chose to treat myself to a blacked-out 2018 Range Rover, but the choice is yours.

Will you go with a Ferrari, or maybe a Maserati? Any model with any features you can imagine is available to you for only a small cut of your new fortune.

3. A Sailboat

part of my sailboat restorationOnce I found myself with my huge sum of lottery winnings and no need to work ever again, I knew I needed a new hobby.

After dabbling with fast cars I soon got bored. I then chose one of sophistication, one that can truly showcase my new-found wealth — sailboat restoration.

After I bought my first sailboat, I spent day after day on the beach, restoring my new boat while the sandy breeze blew through my hair and the waves lapped at my feet.

They say when you love your job, you never work a day in your life; the same is true about winning the lottery.

4. Doomsday Bunker

These are just for preppers!

3 million dollar doomsday bunkerIt’s just a fact that when the end of the world comes, those lucky enough to survive will be those with the money and resources to wait out the catastrophe.

This is why winning the lottery gives you the perfect opportunity to prepare for and survive the end of the world.

What’s a million or two dollars when it is an investment to save your life? Don’t let the end of the world catch you off guard.

Dig an underground bunker beneath your house.

Stock up on those canned beans and water bottles.

5. Private Jet

inside private jetYou need to win big to be able to afford this one.

How could you win the lottery and still fly coach? Your lottery winnings will give you the perfect opportunity to travel in style with your own private jet.

It’s definitely pricey, but think about it this way: all the leg room you could need, plus you never have to worry about missing a flight again.

Plus, with all this new money and a new jet, you might as well go all out and get your pilot’s license so you can operate your shiny new jet!

5 Best Places to Live After a Lotto Win

best places to live

The euphoria of winning a lottery is something only a winner can explain because you feel so lucky. I am one of the few people lucky enough to win a lotto, and if you wonder how I won the lottery, read on.

The more tickets you buy, the higher are your chances of winning. Don’t choose numbers from the same number group or ending with the same digit.

Avoid consecutive numbers and play the less popular games played at odd times. Most people opt for the popular games, which reduces your chances of winning.

Another important point that can help you win the lottery is visualizing winning it. If you ask me how I visualized a lottery win, well I used to relax and picture myself at my own lottery winner press conference with press and flashing camera lights.

I visualized this for 5 to 10, minutes at each session till I could actually feel the win in my body. Doing this for at least 21 continuous days to a maximum of four continuous months helps a lot.

spending money

What to buy

After winning the lottery, the next question is “what should I buy”?

First of all don’t go mad buying things that will deplete your money stores.

Concentrate on investing first, and then spending. Ask professionals for help to invest your money wisely.

  1. Buy things you really need like a home or do home repairs
  2. Gifts for your loved ones
  3. Things you had always wanted to buy like a car
  4. Jewelry is also a sound investment
  5. A long-deserved break.

Go on a holiday to some faraway place that’s not crowded like a beach to relax. Most end up buying a home and living in the place they had gone holidaying after winning a lottery. Here are the 5 best places to live after a lotto win.

1. Bathsheba Beach, Barbados. …

Bathsheba Beach BarbadosThis is a beautiful place to go for its dry and rainy weather and wonderful parties.

The people here are also very talented, friendly, nice and happy, and there’s so much duty-free shopping to do.

2. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. …

This is a public property with restaurants open to the public in most resorts.

Some things you can do here are spending a day at the beach, working on a tan, watching waves roll in and go parasailing or shallow snorkeling.

I almost moved here.

3. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda. …

Horseshoe Bay is perfect because the people, beaches, food, and culture all promise you a good time.

People here party hard and the drinks and cuisine give you all the more reason to stay here.

4. Harbor Island, Bahamas. …

Blue Beach (La Chiva)This is where I have settled down after my lotto win. This is a very charming and world-class Caribbean island boasting of beautiful architecture.

The food here is great and the island is safe with friendly people.

5. Blue Beach (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto Rico

Blue Beach just about offers everything you will want in a place to win. The people are warm and welcoming while the culture here is fascinating. You have to live here to find out!

Now you know how to win a lottery, and what to do with the money, you may wonder why I call my website Barefoot Jobs.

Well, it’s mainly because I want to show people like you where to go for a barefoot vacation to enjoy yourself, and relax and perhaps end up buying a home and living in with your lotto winnings!

Why I Call My Website Barefoot Jobs

What is a Barefoot Job? Don’t worry, it isn’t as bad for your feet as it sounds and to be honest it isn’t really working either. You see I am now working barefooted on my personal boat on Harbour Island, Bahamas. Hence the website name Barefoot Jobs. I know, I know its a bit of a stretch but hey, work with me!

I spend most of my day on the beach or in my beach house on Harbour Island, which is one of the best places to live in the world.

How I Moved from The Bronx to the Bahamas

Thanks to a lucky set of numbers, I am now able to live the life I dreamt of. There are very few lottery winners out there who have used their winnings to truly change their lives, and I happen to be one of them.

harbour islandAlthough I intend to use this website to simply out pour my thoughts as part of my “blabberings” I do plan to show you how I  visualized a lottery win.

On that note: as this website grows I will add information about the lottery because it has been such an important part of my life. Winning the lottery was an important step to getting to where I am today.

A good amount of time was spent on visualizing what I wanted, and in time it got me to where I am today.

How I won the lottery

Want to know how I won the lottery? I plan to tell you everything. As a little teaser let me tell you that winning the lotto has nothing to do with luck!

There are ways to win the lottery that are more reliable than just luck. A clear visualization on what I wanted helped me most of the way, but there is something else you have to do.


You read that right, you have to do nothing. If it is meant for you it will come. A clear visualization of your dream will help you pull it closer, but you will need patience and time.

Nothing comes if you rush it. Even when all hope seems lost, cling harder to your dreams.

How I Make My Money Work , While I Chill Without Shoes

If you are ever lucky enough to win the lottery don’t spend it all at the same time. Make sure you save a great deal of your money in the bank, so you can use the interest as a yearly wage, or you should invest some of it. Once you do this, your job will be like mine, barefooted.

me and Sue on the beachYou will just have to see how your initial investment grow. Maybe at the beach or at your house, you won’t have to worry about seeing a suit again in your life.

No more offices and no more bosses. And If you by any chance happen to enter one after you win the lottery, this time you will be the one they look up to.

Be wise spending your money, don’t just waste it. You are given the opportunity I had, don’t spend the money on useless things.

Instead of thinking of everything you can buy, think about only five specific things you can buy. The first 5 things that come into mind are the things you really care about.

These things usually are trips or houses, but somewhere within those 5 things, add something that won’t only make you happy.

When you start to focus on winning the lottery and also imagine yourself enjoying those 5 things you will buy with your winnings you start to attract that win to yourself.

Don’t feel compromised in making everyone happy but try to share a little. Be humble and be conscious. If you share a little part of it, it will get back to you doubled.

Why Barefoot Jobs?

We offer the best advice you can get on how you can achieve this. That’s why i call my website barefoot jobs.

I want you to find that job that will have you enjoying the sun on the Bahamas, rather than freezing inside an office.

Proof that you can visualize a lottery win