How I Visualized a Lottery Win – 5 steps to visualizing your dreams

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Do you want to know how i won the lottery? Well, luck is an important factor, but there is something else. It is called visualization.

With the power of visualization, you can achieve great things. It is important that you can visualize a dream or desire as clear as possible. With visualization you pull
your dreams until they become reality.

One of the most important things is that you visualize possible and achievable dreams.

This is so you can also visualize a possible way to get to it.

The Law of Attraction states that the more you want (or don’t want), something the closer you are this something.

For example, when I won the lottery I was in pretty rough spot.

Because of this, I had to change. I needed the money, so how i visualized a lottery win changed with me.

And a few months later, to my surprise, I won the lottery.

But how do you visualize a dream correctly then? Well, I have some tips that will help you with this.

Powerful goal visualization

5 Ways to visualize your dreams


  1. Be detailed with your dream


When you first start visualizing your dream, it is important that you identify every characteristic of it. It is best to identify every single detail. The clearer your dream, the more you will attract it.

Don’t leave anything to luck.

For example, if you want to win the lottery, think of the exact amount of money you want and from which lottery you want to win it.


  1. Only focus a specific dream


While you think of the different aspects of your dream, many other things may pop in your mind.

Extra aspects will deform the way you see your dream. The more you want something NOT no happen, there are more chances it will happen.

Focus on what you want and ignore all the things that may affect your dream.


  1. Don’t think on the “How?”


visualize and attain dreamsDon’t over-think the “How?”. This will only make you lose focus on your dream. This is because there is an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to the it.

The dream may come to you in the most unexpected ways.

Think in the “What?”, this has to be your main goal at all times.

It is better to think on what will happen after you complete the dream.

If you want to win the lottery, think about what you will buy with the money. This will help you to have a clearer picture on it.


  1. Live like you would want to live


It is easy to imagine yourself accomplishing that desired dream. It is good to fantasize about your dream.

This way you are reminded on what your dream was.

For example, your dream is to live in a big house in the best location possible. Then search for the best places to live and imagine yourself there.

Thinking you already have something you want helps you get a better picture on what you want.


  1. Don’t overthink your dream


This step is hard for most people. Do not spend more time than it is needed thinking on it.

The more you think you want something, the more you remind yourself you don’t actually have it.

You will discourage yourself, and you might lose sight of your dream in the process. If it is bound to happen, just let it happen. Don’t force it, since it is not healthy for you or your dream.


How I Used this Formula

Apply this process to your dream of winning the lottery and you will get results.

Be patient, as it will not happen just as you wish for it. This is why it is called visualization, so you have a vision of in the long run. You can also listen to some good music while you visualize.

If you want more information on this read my post a reason i call my website barefoot jobs. Have a look at it and find out for yourself.

Guided Visualization