5 Best Places to Live After a Lotto Win

best places to live
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The euphoria of winning a lottery is something only a winner can explain because you feel so lucky. I am one of the few people lucky enough to win a lotto, and if you wonder how I won the lottery, read on.

The more tickets you buy, the higher are your chances of winning. Don’t choose numbers from the same number group or ending with the same digit.

Avoid consecutive numbers and play the less popular games played at odd times. Most people opt for the popular games, which reduces your chances of winning.

Another important point that can help you win the lottery is visualizing winning it. If you ask me how I visualized a lottery win, well I used to relax and picture myself at my own lottery winner press conference with press and flashing camera lights.

I visualized this for 5 to 10, minutes at each session till I could actually feel the win in my body. Doing this for at least 21 continuous days to a maximum of four continuous months helps a lot.

spending money

What to buy

After winning the lottery, the next question is “what should I buy”?

First of all don’t go mad buying things that will deplete your money stores.

Concentrate on investing first, and then spending. Ask professionals for help to invest your money wisely.

  1. Buy things you really need like a home or do home repairs
  2. Gifts for your loved ones
  3. Things you had always wanted to buy like a car
  4. Jewelry is also a sound investment
  5. A long-deserved break.

Go on a holiday to some faraway place that’s not crowded like a beach to relax. Most end up buying a home and living in the place they had gone holidaying after winning a lottery. Here are the 5 best places to live after a lotto win.

1. Bathsheba Beach, Barbados. …

Bathsheba Beach BarbadosThis is a beautiful place to go for its dry and rainy weather and wonderful parties.

The people here are also very talented, friendly, nice and happy, and there’s so much duty-free shopping to do.

2. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. …

This is a public property with restaurants open to the public in most resorts.

Some things you can do here are spending a day at the beach, working on a tan, watching waves roll in and go parasailing or shallow snorkeling.

I almost moved here.

3. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda. …

Horseshoe Bay is perfect because the people, beaches, food, and culture all promise you a good time.

People here party hard and the drinks and cuisine give you all the more reason to stay here.

4. Harbor Island, Bahamas. …

Blue Beach (La Chiva)This is where I have settled down after my lotto win. This is a very charming and world-class Caribbean island boasting of beautiful architecture.

The food here is great and the island is safe with friendly people.

5. Blue Beach (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto Rico

Blue Beach just about offers everything you will want in a place to win. The people are warm and welcoming while the culture here is fascinating. You have to live here to find out!

Now you know how to win a lottery, and what to do with the money, you may wonder why I call my website Barefoot Jobs.

Well, it’s mainly because I want to show people like you where to go for a barefoot vacation to enjoy yourself, and relax and perhaps end up buying a home and living in with your lotto winnings!

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  1. I’d have to give it some real long thought as to where I’d live if I won on the lotto. But I’d make sure I was doing my thinking on a Bahamas beach. lol

  2. If I won the lottery I wouldn’t move city just buy a big house for myself and smaller ones for my family.

  3. I love the Cayman Islands i’ve been on holiday 4 times and if i ever get the money i will move their forever

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