Why I Call My Website Barefoot Jobs

What is a Barefoot Job? Don’t worry, it isn’t as bad for your feet as it sounds and to be honest it isn’t really working either. You see I am now working barefooted on my personal boat on Harbour Island, Bahamas. Hence the website name Barefoot Jobs. I know, I know its a bit of a stretch but hey, work with me!

I spend most of my day on the beach or in my beach house on Harbour Island, which is one of the best places to live in the world.

How I Moved from The Bronx to the Bahamas

Thanks to a lucky set of numbers, I am now able to live the life I dreamt of. There are very few lottery winners out there who have used their winnings to truly change their lives, and I happen to be one of them.

harbour islandAlthough I intend to use this website to simply out pour my thoughts as part of my “blabberings” I do plan to show you how I  visualized a lottery win.

On that note: as this website grows I will add information about the lottery because it has been such an important part of my life. Winning the lottery was an important step to getting to where I am today.

A good amount of time was spent on visualizing what I wanted, and in time it got me to where I am today.

How I won the lottery

Want to know how I won the lottery? I plan to tell you everything. As a little teaser let me tell you that winning the lotto has nothing to do with luck!

There are ways to win the lottery that are more reliable than just luck. A clear visualization on what I wanted helped me most of the way, but there is something else you have to do.


You read that right, you have to do nothing. If it is meant for you it will come. A clear visualization of your dream will help you pull it closer, but you will need patience and time.

Nothing comes if you rush it. Even when all hope seems lost, cling harder to your dreams.

How I Make My Money Work , While I Chill Without Shoes

If you are ever lucky enough to win the lottery don’t spend it all at the same time. Make sure you save a great deal of your money in the bank, so you can use the interest as a yearly wage, or you should invest some of it. Once you do this, your job will be like mine, barefooted.

me and Sue on the beachYou will just have to see how your initial investment grow. Maybe at the beach or at your house, you won’t have to worry about seeing a suit again in your life.

No more offices and no more bosses. And If you by any chance happen to enter one after you win the lottery, this time you will be the one they look up to.

Be wise spending your money, don’t just waste it. You are given the opportunity I had, don’t spend the money on useless things.

Instead of thinking of everything you can buy, think about only five specific things you can buy. The first 5 things that come into mind are the things you really care about.

These things usually are trips or houses, but somewhere within those 5 things, add something that won’t only make you happy.

When you start to focus on winning the lottery and also imagine yourself enjoying those 5 things you will buy with your winnings you start to attract that win to yourself.

Don’t feel compromised in making everyone happy but try to share a little. Be humble and be conscious. If you share a little part of it, it will get back to you doubled.

Why Barefoot Jobs?

We offer the best advice you can get on how you can achieve this. That’s why i call my website barefoot jobs.

I want you to find that job that will have you enjoying the sun on the Bahamas, rather than freezing inside an office.

Proof that you can visualize a lottery win