How I Won the Lottery with the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
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I am an avid reader and believe in my own mind’s power. In 2009, I decided that I wanted to win $200 million. I followed the advice of the author Joseph Murphy. This is how i visualized a lottery win. First I wrote the amount “$200 million” again and again.

I reflected on the lottery figure and envisioned what my life would resemble in the wake of winning.

I additionally recorded everything in detail, from the 5 things to buy after a lottery win and best places to live to the foundations I would donate to and create a website and I even imagined myself creating a website.

I frequently evaluated and concentrated on my list.

Visualization Equals Actualization

Visualization played a huge role in my lottery win. Though I did also try out different lottery systems from sites that claim to be able to teach you how to win the lottery.

Following four months of picturing a lottery win including what I would do after winning, I won the jackpot in March 2009. The sum I won was  precisely what I had imagined but not disclosing here. Suffice it to say, it was a lot!

I believe the way to my huge win was that I made a composed plan and visualized what my reality would resemble on the off chance that I had already won.

Neville Goddard
Neville Goddard

Law of Attraction Teachers

I took the advice with respect to writer Joseph Murphy, who stated to live in the visualization of your wishes and desires, and your thought including feeling will soon manifest.

That is a basic principle of the famous Law of Attraction: to feel the feeling as you have already attained. Neville Goddard said all that needed to be said about the law of attraction.

He said that we must assume the feeling as if the wish had already fulfilled until the point when your presumption has all the vividness of reality.

You should envision that you are now experiencing what you want. That is, you should assume the sentiment of fulfillment of your want until one is possessed by it.

Then this feeling swarms every other thought out of your awareness. Here is the list of the things I wrote down I would buy if I won the lottery.

How One Woman Used the Law of Attraction to Win

My List

Below is a list of the things I planned to buy with my lottery win. I believe that visualizing myself with these things as well as visualizing the lotto win itself helped me to attract that win.

Although this list helped me achieve my goal I did not buy all of them when I won. I changed my mind and completely changed my lifestyle about a year after my win which I explain in this post.

A Doomsday bunker

What’s the meaning of cash if I am not alive to use it?

I wanted to buy this nuclear blast-proof palace underneath a limestone mountain in Germany which incorporates a screening room, swimming pool, and wine cellar; in addition to access to a hospital, restaurant area, zoo, and hair salon.

It costs $2 million. After my win I realized I could use that type of money for better things.

A swimming pool that has waterfalls

waterfall swimming poolI always liked to swim and having a lavishing swimming pool in my house was a desire from my childhood.

I envisioned myself to this swimming pool that has a waterfall complex, lazy river, and scuba pool including full kitchen and spa.

It costs around $2 million.

I had plans to build one of these in the home that I bought after my win but soon realized that why should I settle for a swimming pool when you can have an ocean?! Lucky Sue agreed with me and we both moved to Harbour Island.

Emergency room

This was another silly one.

Since I envisioned lots of adventures, I thought I would buy an emergency room for myself so that when I hurt my leg skydiving or jumping off my backyard waterfalls I won’t have to wait for hours in line at the hospital.

I forgot that I would also need to throw in a few million dollars for attentive staff.


Most expensive office chair

our floating bedI have 2 expensive office chairs now although they cost substantially less than the one I originally visualized.

I may not have to ever work again but I am devoted to working.

So I thought about buying this most costly office chair in the world that is designed by the Maserati designers and is made by the fabric utilized by Olympic athletes. Also, the chair comes with”synchronized oscillation” to make sure “reduced posture fatigue.”

The price is $1.5 million.

Floating bed

This bed valued at $1.3 million has a pair of super-strong magnets that allow the “air mattress” to float in midair. I always wanted to have a floating bed.

Sue and me settled for one that cost only $10,000 instead of this one.

Visualization Technique for Winning the Lottery

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    1. Why not give it a try Joseph and see if it works. What have you got to lose? Just make sure for the short time you test it, you suspend all disbelief. You never know, you may just change your life.

  1. Its all about emotion man. The more emotion you put into law of attraction the more positive results you get.

  2. Visualization works for sure. I have done it so many times in my life. It does not always work but it works more times than it doesn’t.

    1. Have you tried to analyse those times when your visualizations worked and compared them to the times when it didn’t work James? I bet if you do that you will find a pattern and the cause of those times when it didn’t work.

    1. Thanks Sonja. I wish you lots of success in your endeavors. Be sure to come back and tell us all how you got along with your LOA activities.

  3. I’ve had some success using the law of attraction but i never thought about using it for a lottery winning.

    1. You should use it for everything. Target every area of your life and make it better.

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